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So Kul - the book

Sonali Kulkarni with Nana Patekar & Shekhar Gupta

I was the guest editor for the Loksatta Weekly supplement - Viva since its launch in June 2005. I wrote a column 'So Kul' for Loksatta Viva, a supplement for the modern Maharashtrian Woman, till May 2007. My articles to a large extent were about a young, sensitive, successful woman's perspective on Life. The articles were simple, light hearted yet sensitive and meaningful. The column was a huge success & generated great response from readers.

Taking the association forward Loksatta & Rajhans Prakashan have just launched my Book 'So Kul' - a compilation of over 100 articles written by me in Loksatta Viva. I have updated those writeups, added certain things which are now relevant and have compiled them for the book

So Kul, is a reflection of my attitude in life and also happens to be the abbrevation of my name!

This book is simple conversation with readers. I am not taking any stance to educate, guide or gossip with them, neither am I glorifying my being an actor. It’s just my loud thinking in a way and the corelation between our sensitivity and action!

Nana Patekar, the chief guest at the book launch. said, "Whenever I read her articles, I feel she is talking to me. There is so much of simplicity in her writing."

"Her articles were well received by the readers and that's when we came up with an idea that there should be a book that should have all the articles she has written. Newspapers have no value after the day is over but a book can be preserved," said Shekhar Gupta, Editor-in-Chief, The Indian Express group

On the Ramp with Wendell

I have always admired a model's work. It is so difficult to be the centre of attraction, with thousands of eyes following every move and carrying off the latest in fashion to promote the brand.

I can act but I've always feared walking on the ramp. Thanks to Wendell Rodericks, I overcame this. With his valuable inputs, I rehearsed my ramp act. His amazing training gave me confidence. I literally felt the 'high' of the show and 'walked' my way to the success of the show.

Sonali Kulkarni

Brand Ambassador

I have always loved jewellery. Now I am promoting Gitanjali Gems as their Brand Ambassador.


We Indians love our 'chai'! Imagine sitting with a cup of hot tea on a rainy day by the window... hmmm... So when the opportunity came to endorse this product Sagat Chai, I didn't let it pass. This tea is really good. Try it.

Latest Films

Gabhricha Paus

Kisna (Girish Kulkarni), like many others in India, is a farmer toiling to make a living. With all the difficulties facing them and Maharashtra having a high rate of farmer suicides, Kisna’s wife (Sonali Kulkarni) is convinced that he too is contemplating ending his life and thus ropes in their 6 year old son against his wish to be with Kisna all the time and report any irregularities in his behavior. Kisna, meanwhile, is doing only what he knows best - toiling hard, praying that the rains will be on his side at least this year, hoping he gets a good crop, wishing he is able to sell his produce and preparing for the next season...


In the Marathi movie Gandha that was just released, as the title suggests, it’s a movie about smells and consists of three interlocking stories. It is an ensemble of three stories and all are interconnected with the notion of smell. While the first half of the script was written by Sachin Kundalkar's mother, he wrote the rest. Interestingly he won the best screenplay award at Pune International Film Festival.


In this film, I did a dance number with ace choreographer Ganesh Acharyaji. In this hardcore Bollywood dance song Masti.. I dance along with 50 dancers and now the steps are memorised in my mind for life! I consider this opportunity to have danced with Ganeshji a big achievement.

Plot of the film: The police have not been able to crack a serial murder case. Arjun Sherawat (Nasser Khan) is a man who is unseen and is the criminal. No one knows his Identity . This case has been granted to Sanjana (Sonali Kulkarni), a police officer. She has been trying too hard, but all her efforts have been in vain.

Sheetal (Hrishita Bhatt) is a press reporter who loves her profession to the core. She works with a news channel and has information about the case as she follows it very closely. Rahul (Milind Soman), a press reporter from another news channel, has also been following the case step by step. He constantly keeps nagging Sanjana about the case by questioning her from time to time.

Murders are still being committed at short intervals. Meanwhile, Sheetal passes a crucial information to police about the next target of Arjun Sherawat. But Arjun Sherawat meets with an Accident and is presumed dead. Everyone is in a joyous mood until they hear Arjun Sherawat's latest audio clip, which states that he will kidnap a famous builder Habeeb Faizal (Mushtaq Khan) in front of the police on a given date.

Everyone is stunned on hearing this. Meanwhile, Arjun Sherawat succeeds in kidnapping Habeeb Faizal. What happens next? forms the rest of the film.

Audio Launch of Shadow

Rock Shock

The next project is Rock Shock with Lucky Ali. "It is a funny film and I enjoyed doing it,” says Lucky Ali, “Working with Sonali Kulkarni was a great experience. She is a lovely person, and a natural actor.”

I enjoyed working with Lucky as well!


I just did a 'special appearence' in a very interesting film calledStrangers directed by Aanand L Rai. It is a very complex charecter that I play, and it was very interesting. The particular scene with me in the bath tub has evoked a lot of interest from the media... I hope it is not for the wrong reasons and people will understand that the scene is an integral part of the story. Unfortunately some people are making comments that I'm looking for a 'new variety' in my roles.

For someone like me, who has over 12 years of experience in the industry my image is more versatile than anyone can imagine. I have played a variety of roles, from a tree in Cheluvi, to a boy in Daayra, from an innocent kid sister in Doghi, to a spicy wife in Taxi No. 9211 I have always offered variety to my audience.

Read the interview with Aanand in Times of India


I had a very interesting experience during the shooting of Mohandas. Sharbani Mukherjee and I were shooting a scene in a farm where the people from the village (other actors) are supposed to come charging towards us. As luck would have it, we had some people coming towards us... but they were not actors... they were actually villagers protesting about the shooting. Apparently there was some mis-understanding about the permissions and where exactly we were to shoot.

This entire film was full of realistic experiences. I play a journalist in the film directed by Mazhar Kamran.

Sonali Kulkarni

Sonali Kulkarni


Gabhricha Paus





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