Its important to have somebody you can be yourself with. I have come to realise that its not imperative to get emotionally involved with all the people I meet all the time. As an actor, I cannot always do what I want - dress in a certain way, behave in a particular manner - I have to be on my guard. It becomes all the more important that I have someone who can help me unwind. I am fortunate to have understanding friends and family.

I look up to my parents and the kind of relationship they have; where there is understanding and respect for each other. That is something that has made me feel secure.

I share a special bond with my brothers Sandeep and Sandesh. I admire them and they have been a major moral support all through my life.

Sandeep runs a company called Miracles. He takes Creative Workshops in Corporates. Miracles’ Motto is Transformations in people. I think the best example is here. ME !  I owe my confidence and success to my dear DADA Sandeep. Please find out  more on.

Sandesh is a brilliant writer, director and actor. I always look forward working under his direction. His play ‘Pahila Vahila’ has given me highest high as a performer. He is the real backbone of So Kool.

I'm grateful to have such a wonderful family which is incomplete without Meghna, Amruta, my two gorgeous bhabhis and the two little angels - my nieces.

Meghna: Sandeep’s wife who has become my best friend. Computer Engineer, Fashion Designer and a truly enthusiastic person... I think it says a lot about her. Last but not the least, a person who has given me hope and two big smiling gifts... my adorable nieces.

She also runs a boutique - "Identity", in Pune, which has a varied collection of dress material and designer outfits from all over India. You can email her to know more about her venture.

Amruta:  I used to think, she is my best friend but later I got to know that was the best reason for her and Sandesh’s courtship  Amruta is a fabulous actor and singer. She has bagged a wall full of awards in acting. With years of playback experience for many projects, she has recently cut her own music album ‘JAATA JAATA PAUSANE’. I also sense a budding writer in her.

She has recently directed a short film called 'Ajji'. The film is a beautiful expression conveying the relationship between a grandmother and grandchild.

My fantastic support system of  friends...

My designers... A and S, Amber & Shirin.... They have designed my charming wardrobe. be it Mission Kashmir’s International Premiere tour or The Smashing Red Carpet with Omar Sharif in Italy. The kind of grace, style, and perfect fits Shirin And Amber have given me, is certainly timeless and remembered.

My Driver Sujit, who skillfully drives my car and also is my kind caretaker wherever I travel be it day or night… Mumbai or Pune, my actual "Right Hand and Divine help", ... accompanies me wherever I travel for a shoot or events. My Mobile, Money, Valuables and Mood everything is rest assured when Sujit is around.

Shreedhar, my makeup man, who skillfully hides my dark circles  and gives me a different look in each film; my longest associate, we are working together since 1997.

My hairdresser Anita, who not only does up my trendy tresses but also keeps me company on all my outdoors;

Shahid Amir, is my favorite Designer, when it comes to films. He is most creative and his styles always standout leaving trends and contemporary fervors far behind.

My chartered accountants, Gokhale & Sathe, who manage my income and tax so well;

My family physician Dr. Himanshu Pandya, who cures me of everything from fever to throat problems to harpies.

Smita Sawant ... my dear friend and aroma therapist. The Credit of my "baby soft" and spotless skin (make up man’s delight) goes to her.

Prabha & Harsha Koda - apart from being friends for a long time, they have also designed this website.

And of course Nilesh Kulkarni (Lufthansa Cargo), Sameer Joshi (Mukta Arts), Sony (Salad and Soup specialist),Nikhil Ratnaparkhi (actor), Samantha (actress), Amalendu Chowdhary (cinematographer), Shubhangi Gokhale (actress), Vikram Sathye (standup comedian), Madhura, Pournima... the list is endless!

The latest, biggest and the most important addition to my life is my dear friend Nachiket Pantvaidya, with whom I madly fell in love and sanely got married ;) in May 2010. 

Nachiket is IIM Ahmedabad, Almuni, has been working in Television industry for past 20 years and is now the GM of Star Plus, India. An avid reader, football lover he is also very passionate about Music. he has been a true disciple of Great Hindustani Vocalist Shruti Sadolikar Katkar.

We are blessed with a beautiful daughter Kaveri, who fills my world with harmony and bliss.