Best 5 Marathi Actresses of 2014

Posted on Jan 1 2015 - 4:03pm by Shailesh Narwade
(5) Sanskruti Balgude (Sanngto Aika)
Among the most noticeable female actor debuts in 2014 was that of Sanskruti Balgude’s in Satish Rajwade’sSanngto Aika. Sanskruti played the role of a loving but helpless wife of Aambat (played by Sachin Pilgaonkar). The graceful screen presence of the actress, her authority over dance and ability to communicate with expressions was clearly visible in the film. She was fabulous in the courtroom scene and also the one in which she decides to part ways with her husband. Sanskruti is certainly here to stay for a longer time.
(4) Nandita Dhuri (Elizabeth Ekadashi)
A single mother of two mischievous siblings; a young widow, who struggles to earn bread and butter for the family of four; yes it was a challenging role. But Nandita Dhuri played the character in Paresh Mokashi’s Elizabeth Ekadashiwith utmost ease. The way she acted, or say lived the character with so much convenience, itself shows her understanding of her role. It was a remarkable performance.
(3) Radhika Apte (Postcard)
Gajendra Ahire’s Postcard had a galaxy of actors and therefore it was not easy for new faces to leave a mark. But Radhika Apte’s Gulzar; the voice, the dance and the silence of that character stays with us for a longer time. The scene when she stares at the postman realizing that all men have only one demand, and also when she stands like a stone under a tree when the postman calls her name and then leaves immediately, were fantastic.
(2) Mrunal Kulkarni (Yellow)
After not-so-impressive acts in some of the recent films, Mrunal Kulkarni finally gave a stunningly realistic performance as the mother of a special child in Mahesh Limaye’s Yellow. She was brilliant while portraying the varied moods of her character throughout the film. And she looked very beautiful and refreshed too.
(1) Sonali Kulkarni (Dr Prakash Baba Amte)
It was not just a role but a privilege to play Dr Mandakini Amte. And looking at the performance Sonali Kulkarni gave in Samruddhi Porey’s Dr Prakash Baba Amte, one can only say that she deserved the role more than anybody else. In one of the career-best performances, Sonali leaves you speechless in the scenes when a man comes to take his girl child back from the ashram; when a tiger dies of snake-bite; and when a reformed naxalite meets the Amte couple in America. It was certainly the best acting performance of 2014 by a female actor.