Gardish Me Taare

Gardish Mein Taare is a tribute to the creatively volatile era of Hindi cinema of the 1950s. It owes its genesis to the mad, passionate people who forsook everything for the one thing they believed in - cinema. Somewhere, it is also inspired by the turbulent times and relationship shared by two creative geniuses - Guru Dutt and his wife Geeta Dutt.

However, it is a work of pure fiction. It traces the collapsing relationship between Devdutt Bose and his wife Bhavana against the backdrop of the Hindi film industry - their pain, pathos, magic and music in the relationship. Death happens and is overcome. The play is a tribute to unfulfilled love - love that could have been a balm, is a bane. But is it really so? Or does love overcome all these odds?
Watch Gardish Mein Taare for the sheer musicality of unfulfilled love. Watch it for the tribute of the 1950s. Watch it for love. Watch it with love.

Written bySummana Ahmad

Music Parivesh Singh

Sets Chetan Chand

Light Design
Hidaayat Sami

Arif Zakaria and
Sonali Kulkarni.

Designed and Directed by
Saif Hyder Hasan

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