Marathi Play review – White Lily Aani Night Rider

Producer:         Dinu Pednekar, Sonali Kulkarni

Director:          Milind Phatak

Cast:                Sonali Kulkarni, Milind Phatak


Mumbai 2014 May XII(Pinakee Rattan Sher): ‘White Lily Aani Night Rider’ is a combination of fantastic script, beautiful direction and superb performances. At the start, it looks like an average play but within five minutes, it starts to mesmerize its audience. The involvement of audience becomes so high that one can hardly afford to lose even one minute of the play. It is like enchantment of the mind.

The play is about 39 year old Keshav Sane (Milind Phatak) and 36 year old Bhakti Deshmukh (Sonali Kulkarni) who live in Pune and Mumbai respectively. They are friends on Internet chatting website. Bhakti’s username is White Lily and Keshav has kept his username as Night Rider which is the reason that why the play is named so. Both of them chat frankly with each other on Internet.

White Lily and Night Rider decide that they should meet personally. They plan to meet in a mall in Pune so that they can take a decision about their marriage. As per their plan, Bhakti and Keshav meet and reveal their real identities. Bhakti doesn’t find Keshav as smart as he seemed to be on chat. Also, Keshav finds that she is a dominant lady though she used to talk lovingly on chat.
Still they decide to spend a night together to check sex compatibility. Before this, Bhakti makes Keshav sign some agreement papers. Even she demands his HIV and blood group certificates from him. Next day, they are happy as they have felt good in each other’s company.
Bhakti wants to marry Keshav as soon as possible. But Keshav wants to check day to day compatibility test with her as he is not sure that it will be a smooth ride for them after their marriage. Will Keshav and Bhakti be able to overcome their differences and live together happily? For this you need to see the play.
Truly speaking, the play is worth watching due to the superb performance by Sonali Kulkarni as White Lily. Her body language, her expressions, her acting – everything is amazing.  Though the play is comical, but it has few emotional moments which affect us greatly.