An artist keeps performing in different films and in a variety of roles. They try to come out of their characters once the film’s shooting is over. However sometimes, portraying a particular character leaves a deep impression on the artist's mind.
Sonali Kulkarni has also experienced something of this sort after portraying Mandatai Amte’s character in Samruddhi Porey’s film 'Dr. Prakash Baba Amte - The Real Hero'. Now, let’s see what Sonali had to say. "What this particular role gave me? This question was asked by many people. It is very difficult to answer this question in brief. Actually, this role made me aware of humanity. The character I played in this role, gave me a new confidence to live life. I feel satisfied for having got an opportunity to play this role," reacted Sonali. 

While talking about her character in this film, her maturity and her self esteem could be clearly noticed. Indeed, such roles are very rare to find, and so, to get a chance to perform such roles, is a real delight for a talented artist like Sonali.