Sonali Kulkarni at Mumbai Local

The Cinematic and The Dramatic-Two Worlds, One Person

Sonali lives in, works for and belongs to the contrasting fields of both theatre and film.

Her experiences have been full of challenges, learnings and exhilarating 'aha!' moments. On the one hand is the world of film - where very little time is given to prepare for a role, where the director can intervene to tell the actor what to do from minute to minute, where the actor must have the ability to switch off and switch on from a role in the moment. On the other hand, is the world of theatre - where the rehearsals are long and immersive, where costume, hair and makeup are the actor's own responsibility, where nobody yells 'cut!' during a performance. For Sonali, acting is a way of life.

In this Mumbai Local, Sonali takes us through her personal experiences - sharing candid moments and giving us a peek into the amazingly different mediums of film and theatre, which draw on the same pool of actors for their expression.

Discover an insider's perspective of living with and in these two worlds.